Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Another early exit

100ish/150 in the Omaha/8 tourney at the Fall Poker Classic. I think I played well but lost a couple heartbreakers.

A33 flop with 24JJ in hand (+ flush draw), made a crying call on A33AJ river.

The guy to my left was a smart, aggressive player, and although I tried to compensate it was still a drain. We ended up heads-up in a side pot where I had the lead with AA3x. A river deuce gave me the nut low (which I turned out not to need) but completed his flush for a split with something like KK43.

I got my money in good with TJQKds in a four-handed pot, but I had to dodge half the deck on the river after making my broadway straight, which I failed to do. (Both flush draws I *didn't* have were on the board.) So my neighbor got the scoop instead.

Tomorrow is the $500 HORSE. I feel optimistic about it--- I've been playing reasonably well and my attitude is still good.
Tags: fall poker classic, omaha, poker
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