Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Tomorrow will be filled with dust bunnies, screwdrivers, and swearing

I am attempting to not have to replace my computer motherboard. My best diagnosis for the recent computer freezes: both SATA drives hooked up to it both go offline at the same time. So, a SATA controller problem seems likely. (If the whole southbridge has gone wonky, then I'm just out of luck.)

I looked at a replacement motherboard, but I would need a new CPU, new memory, and possibly even a new power supply. So that's basically the whole computer. Instead I got a 4-port SATA PCI card, attempting the $20 solution before the $800 solution.

The box arrived today and says: "Flexibility, Reliability! Here you are"

Also the back says it supports "Linus".
Tags: hardware
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