Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I gave "BioShock" a try but it felt like just another shooter. One where the bad guys screamed Randian epithets at me. I didn't particularly need that. So I gave "Batman: Arkham Asylum" a try, and I'm liking it more. But a couple things quite bug me.

Although Batman dishes out plenty of violence, nobody's bone ever appears to get broken. This is not canon.

Like most fighting games, the variety of buttons are hard for me to master. Particularly 'double-tap to dodge'. I don't know if this would be more natural with a game controller instead of keyboard and mouse. I haven't yet managed to execute any of the special attack upgrades I bought.

But the biggest complaint I have is the "save the hostage or die" scenes. In BioWare games I feel confident that if somebody is threatened, there is a nonzero probability that they will die, and I'll have to play the test of the game without them. (Not a good chance, but still.) If I screw up in Batman, "game over". This might be acceptable except for two things. The hostage situations are so obviously set pieces, because in other situations in which the bad guys have hostages they just ignore them as I snipe from the shadows. (Which are not very shadowed, despite playing the the gamma adjustment) But there are also all the corpses littering the hallways--- how come I didn't lose the game for letting them die?
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