Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Multilevel games

I acquired Triple Town recently.  The PC version has both the game itself and a "metagame" of collecting items and building up your capitol city.  The base game itself is a pretty fun puzzle, but the reason I looked at it was because of the marketing (on Steam) as a play-and-build game.  The building is pretty limited, though.

Puzzle Pirates is the iconic version of this for me.  There's individual puzzles for low-level tasks.  But these fit together to provide fodder for the higher-level games of trade, shopkeeping, sea battles, flotillas, and even dress-up.  It succeeded at making the minigames both interesting and "matter".

Plenty of games have a PvE grind follwed by PvP endgame (or PvE resource-gathering for PvP battles) but these don't really feel like the same sort of thing.  KadoKado offers access to new games in exchange for coins earned in other games, but I wouldn't call that a "game" at the upper level.  In college we joked about having a game where you could play at the SimCity, the Civ, or the Master of Orion level of the same universe, with benefits flowing in both directions--- so Spore offers something like that but the levels are spread across time.  Deck-construction games come close, particularly when success in the lower game expands your deck.

What other examples of multi-level games can you provide?  (And are any of them worth playing?)
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