Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Tortas success

I was craving some tortas (as I didn't get any in California last week) so Marissa and I went up to Andale Taqueria in Richfield. The tortas were satisfying, and the bread was good, although perhaps they were a bit stingy with avocado. Of course, comparing to California in this regard might not be entirely fair. Marissa had carnitas with adobo sauce, and I had carnitas al pastor. I was somewhat surprised to get finely cut pork instead of thin slices, but the flavor was quite nice. Worth a return visit if the craving returns, or I want to introduce somebody to Mexican tortas. (Mexican tortas are served on an oblong loaf of bread, usually with onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, peppers, and mayo. Other countries' tortas may be omelettes or other concoctions.) Also they have tamarind Jarritos, which is the best kind of Jarritos.

My research also found Manny's Tortas in the Midtown Market. Numerous food blogs praised "Tacolmeca and Supermercado Olmeca" in Burnsville, which is now departed. There appears now to be a (re-opened?) Olmeca Market on Irving Avenue in Burnsville, but I don't know whether they have prepared food or are just a grocery.
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