Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Comics, Hits and Misses

Comics I've loved recently:

Power Nap: It's about a world full of sleepless, and the monsters in dreams. Irregularly updated, but I'm hooked to see what they'll do next.

Nimona: It's about villany! And an impertinent shapeshifting sidekick. It won the Cartoonist Studio Prize (for webcomics) this year.

Strong Female Protagonist: A young superhero tries to give up hero-ing and go to college.

I also liked Fables: Cubs in Toyland a bit better than the previous few collections.

I've started reading Guilded Age, which usually presents as a humorous high-fantasy comic, but has some occasional interesting depth. (It is almost disqualified for worst page navigation layout possible, however.) I'm also giving Scott Kurtz' new project, Table Titans, a try, although I'm not entirely sure why.

Comics I did not love recently:

The Manhattan Projects: The nuclear bomb was just a cover for the real secret research! Features Robert Oppenheimer's Evil Cannibalistic Twin, Albert Einstein's Alternate-dimension Evil Doppelganger, and Richard Feynman, who evidently gets to be his own evil opposite. The satire, if it is meant to be such, is fairly heavy-handed and we quickly exit World War 2 for some nonsense with aliens. I wanted this to be better. Instead it reads like somebody who thought Warren Ellis was great, just too subtle and understated. Re-read Planetary instead.

Saga: What. I don't get why people love this so much. Lots of bodily fluid jokes embedded in a fantasy/science-fiction hybrid setting. Oh, and there's a pointless ramble through a planet-sized bordello.

Kaboom: Early Jeph Loeb, and boy does it show. Hyperactive and not particularly engaging. It's about some magic gloves, and seems very manga-inspired. There are two potential girlfriends and N daemons, all that's missing is some sort of tournament.
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