Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Tintri Product Launch Links

Tintri announced an expansion of our storage products today: The T620 and T650 are the first platforms based on our new chassis, and fill our our product line by providing a lower-scale and higher-scale option than the existing T540. The T620 has about the same capacity, 13.5 TB, but supports a smaller number of VMs and a lower maximum IOPS. The T650 provides 33.5 TB of capacity and supports 2000 VMs.

We're also rolling out Tintri Global Center, which was previewed at VMworld: TGC is our scale-out solution for controlling and pooling multiple VMstores, either within the same data center or across the world. You can see me walking through a demo via the link at the bottom of the blog page. (Demos on Demand does not provide an easy link to share.)

Press coverage so far:

Computer Weekly:

Virtualization Practice:

LeMagIT (French language):

PC World:
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