Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Starfleet makes no sense (again)

In our Deep Space Nine viewing we have made it through Sacrifice of Angels and the big battle.

One of my big annoyances is that Captain Sisko is running the show. Why does Starfleet even *have* admirals and commodores, if not to coordinate major fleet movements? (I guess they're occasionally antagonists and scene-setters.) Would it be too much to have Admiral Ross, who's been a recurring character, direct the fight? Is this "The Main Characters Do Everything" or were they just too cheap to build a flagship set?

Anyway, that leads to my Star Trek trivia question: which officer (in canon) is responsible for the greatest loss, by number of starships, in Starfleet history?

I think it must be Sisko, given that the engagement was described as having about 600 ships and there were significant losses (though at least 200 survived.) Probably not all are capital ships. Wolf 359 was described as just 40 ships vs. the Borg Cube, so Admiral Hanson is probably off the hook.
Tags: star trek, television
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