Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Mission Impossible 4

So, I have no great love for the Mission Impossible movies: #1 was bad, #2 was a Hitchcock ripoff that sapped my desire to watch any more. But I caught up on Netflix with MI3 (not too bad as an action movie) and MI: Ghost Protocol. Let's discuss the latter, directed by Brad Bird.

The joy of Mission Impossible is that the team gets to plan ahead and be clever; even when it looks like something goes wrong, it's usually just part of the plan. Even better, they usually vanish without a trace. Ethan Hunt, on the other hand, belongs to an agency that likes shooting things.

MI4 abandons all pretense that there will be anything clever starting from the initial jailbreak, from then on the dictates of Plot ensure that our team doesn't have any time to come up with a decent plan, and need to engage in death-defying heroics instead. While there is a generous dose of attempted humorous quips, mainly this involves lots of chase scenes and heights. The moral of the story, I guess, is not to hire a good director and then give him Tom Cruise.

(Also: giant levitation magnet inside a data center. Good thing they went all-flash.)
Tags: movies
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