Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Movies, NYE snark edition

Marissa and I watched "Pacific Rim" for our wild New Year's Eve entertainment. The movie needs more Asian characters with lines. The math geek could totally have been Korean without changing a thing (including his accent.) For that matter, the Russians or Chinese rangers could have been actual characters. I think the Chinese may have gotten a total of one line, announcing their special attack.

Also, what is up with Mr. "I totally have radiation sickness (or cancer), but it only inconveniences me to the extent of needing a stack of clean shirts"? And why do we have to retread the "aliens used up their planet so they're taking ours" trope? SF authors have come up with plenty of other lame excuses for alien invasions--- everything from "our religion says we have to" to "the zeroth Law of Robotics says we need to make the galaxy safe for our fleshly masters."

I liked the movie enough to ask for the DVD for Christmas, but after you absorb its love for monster movies and robot anime, it's got some major flaws.

Yesterday I watched "Ronin" because it's been on my list and is expiring from Netflix. The sound levels were uncomfortable, I felt I needed the volume up for dialogue but way down in gunfights. (Maybe it's just how De Niro pronounces his lines.) It was fine as an action/heist movie goes (lots of car chases) but what caught my attention was the use of languages.

Several scenes have dialogue in only French or Russian. The Netflix "English" track did not have subtitles for those scenes. The close-captioned track *did* have an English translation. So I am wondering whether this is a feature of the original cinema version, or whether this was an error in content ingest on Netflix's part. The movie is old enough that I would have expected subtitles to be added at the time of production, and appear in the video rather than a separate layer. (At Kealia I had to deal a little bit with the various packaging formats for digital video, which is typically a bundle of content containing everything from the choice of audio and subtitle tracks to the "cover" image for the asset.)

Also viewed on vacation: "Iron Man 3", several episodes of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (our Christmas present to niece Amber)
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