Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Mark's Upcoming Business Book

This (purely notional) book is doomed to failure because it doesn't have some hook, plug into the zeitgeist, or promote a self-congratulatory picture of management.

Chapter 1: You Don't Own Your Employees
Chapter 2: Your Employees Have Lives
Chapter 3: Did We Mention That Slavery Is Illegal?

Chapter 4: Your Startup Idea Is Dumb
Chapter 5: Many Successful Startup Ideas Also Seemed Dumb
Chapter 6: But Yours Probably Isn't In That Category

Chapter 7: Respecting the Opinions of Others
Chapter 8: Ignoring the Opinions of Others
Chapter 9: Pretending that a Change In Opinion Has Occurred

Chapter 10: Why You Should Ignore Successful Entrepreneurs' Advice
Chapter 11: Why You Should Ignore Academics' Advice
Chapter 12: Why You Should Ignore Business Books
Tags: humor, startup
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