Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

HORSE + OFC this weekend

I'm going up to Running Aces to play their HORSE tournament today and their open-face Chinese tournament tomorrow.

I was looking at the latter's rules (here: and it has a provision that basically limits a player to doubling up in any given hand: "Each player can only get action on the points that they started the hand with once. Example: Player A started the hand with 10 points. Player A wins 6 points during the first player transaction. Player A can now only win or lose 4 total points against the other players."

I can sort of understand the reasoning here, but it may affect short-stack play significantly. There is less reason to go for a bonus, and it's harder to eliminate a short stack--- essentially the short stack will only be playing against the player in first position. (If you scoop via the first position, you cannot be eliminated by either of the other two players.)
Tags: chinese poker, poker, tournament
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