Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

TES online

I gave The Elder Scrolls Online a try during its beta this weekend. I wasn't expecting to be sold and I wasn't.

It feels somewhat like playing an Elder Scrolls game but with tons of other monkeys running around getting in your way, jumping over you with their horse, and the like. This would be fine except the designers made quests only semi-instanced. Everybody gets their own loot from kills, but you still have to wait for respawns. Which means you can cooperate in an ad-hoc fashion with whoever can be around, but it made a couple of the early quests pretty annoying to complete.

In Skyrim many decorations are actual objects. You can pick them up, or kick them across the room. Objects in buildings are the property of the building's owner. In ESO there's all sorts of random crappy loot containers scattered everywhere you go. These are mainly full of crafting components. The world just feels less lived-in and more "only there for farming".

All the equipment is levelled, of course, but most opponents don't come equipped. This makes the normal Elder Scroll bootstrap-from-rags infinitely more annoying.

There are some good points in the crafting, and the skill trees have some interesting stuff, but ESO also went to the standard "kill stuff to earn experience to level" instead of keeping with normal Elder Scroll gameplay. However, you can also level up individual skills through use, so I am not entirely sure what the thinking was there.
Tags: games, mmorpg
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