Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

I'm really loving this Hearthstone Arena deck...

which probably means I will get three straight losses when I resume tomorrow.

1 Earth Shock
1 Rockbiter Weapon
1 Dust Devil
1 Leper Gnome
2 Windfury
2 Bloodfen Raptor
2 Flametongue Totem
2 Frostwolf Frunt
2 Ironbeak Owl
3 Hex
3 Demolisher
3 Emperor Cobra
3 Shattered Sun Cleric
3 Thrallmar Farseer
3 Unbound Elemental
4 Cult Master
4 Gnomish Inventor
4 Silvermoon Guardian
4 Spellbreaker
4 Windspeaker
5 Doomhammer
5 Bloodlust
5 Stranglethorn Tiger
6 Fire Elemental
6 Frost Elemental
6 Sunwalker
7 Core Hound
10 Sea Giant

So far I have been able to get Sea Giant out early and surprisingly not run into any 1-shot kills against it. But that's Arena play, not every mage has two sheep transformations waiting. (Another thing I like is the combination of four silence/takeout cards: Earthshock, Ironbeak Owl, Emperor Cobra, and Hex. I may have to try putting the Cobra in my Priest decks.)
Tags: games
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