Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Marissa and I watched Ken Burns' "Prohibition" on Netflix. We were not impressed.

Some good bits: Carrie Nation, immigrant communities, and footage of Al Smith and FDR.

Things I did not know: there wasn't a congressional reapportionment after the 1920 Census, in part so dries (drys?) could maintain their hold on political power against the growing urban population.

Less good: pretending World War One didn't happen, or the influenza epidemic. No mention of heroin. Generally facile treatment and historical tone-deafness. Too many long, loving shots of drinks being poured.

(Every generation thinks it has invented debauchery, if not trying to live down the debauchery of the previous generation. It's amazing what a good job the Victorians did of convincing everybody that the Georgians didn't exist.)
Tags: movies
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