Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

On reading Joe Abercrombie

Thirr the Golden stalked across his tower's roof.

"Twenty-five years! And not one of these stories have taken root!"

His secretary kept silent.

"Princes swapped at birth become cowardly shepherds. Betrayed mercenary captains simply vanish. Heroes condemned to the galleys die of dysentery."

"I thought the child raised by wolves was off to a good start, master?"

"I just checked her worldline. She broke her ribs tackling an elk, and caught a fatal case of pneumonia shortly thereafter. My star-crossed lovers failed to show up for the barricades. Thieves and gladiators appear singularly uninterested in overthrowing tyrants. And don't get me started on talking cats, mirrors, and swords! The last ended up in the possession of an insane brute who already heard voices in his head. If I could get the epic geas to take hold but once..."

The secretary, suddenly close, murmured, "perhaps a trusted aide turned to treachery?"

Thirr vainly attempted to summon flight as he fell.
Tags: fiction
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