Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Druid Deck

I have been trying to build a Hearthstone Druid deck but the class hasn't been making a lot of sense to me. I'm finally having some success in non-ranked games with the following:

2x Innervate [0]
2x Naturalize [1]
2x Mark of the Wild [2]
2x Power of the Wild [2]
2x Wild Growth [2]
2x Echoing Ooze [2]
2x Faerie Dragon [2]
2x Healing Touch [3]
2x Emperor Cobra [3]
Ironfur Grizzly [3]
Swipe [4]
Keeper of the Grove [4]
2x Druid of the Claw [5]
Starfire [6]
2x Ironbark Protector [8]
Kel'Thuzad [8]
Onyxia [9]

There are a lot of nice combos at work here. But when it doesn't work out I find myself card-short and unable to respond to a deck with more depth. Thinking of ditching some of the mana cards in favor of some higher-value cards, or more drawing cards.

A Druid deck I saw that was sort of surprising was all +spell damage minions, which powered Moonfire/Swipe/Starfire/Wrath.
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