Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Tintri included in Gartner's "Magic Quadrant" for General-Purpose Disk Arrays.

Gartner is a well-known research and advisory firm in information technology. Their most popular reports use Gartner's "magic quadrant" methodology to compare firms based on their ability to execute and vision for the technology.

Garter's 2014 report on general-purpose disk arrays includes Tintri for the first time! We are identified as a leader in the "visionary" quadrant based on our development of smart storage arrays that see, learn, and adapt. Customers see Tintri's benefit in lower operational costs and consistent performance. We placed higher on the vision axis than Nimble, Tegile, and even long-established players like IBM.

Although Tintri only works in virtualized environments, Gartner correctly notes that more than half of server deployments are virtualized. Storage for virtualization is general-purpose storage.

Items that hold us back from a higher "execution" score include our status as a non-public company, better scale-out stories through automatic load-balancing, and the overall scale of our business--- we're still small, but growing.

More information in Tintri's announcement page here:

Tintri also launched a complete new platform line this month. The Tintri VMstore T820, T850, and T880 come with on-disk compression, a host of new software features, and a shiny Portal-esque bezel:
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