Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

More Hearthstone Decks

This Druid deck is not particularly successful but it's so much fun to play, and once in a while it works beautifully:

2x Naturalize
2x Clockwork Gnome
2x Mark of the Wild
2x Anodized Robo Cub
2x Echoing Ooze
2x Youthful Brewmaster
Healing Touch
2x Coldlight Oracle
2x Dancing Swords
2x Grove Tender (2/4)
2x Questing Adventurer
2x Tinkertown Technician
Keeper of the Grove
2x Mechanical Yeti
2x Druid of the Claw
Ironbark Protector

It was designed as a fatigue deck, but with enough little cards to power the Questing Adventurers. The fatigue part doesn't work as well as the mage decks which can duplicate the Oracles.

My main competition deck is also a troll, it's a trap-based Mage deck:

2x Mirror Image
2x Mana Wyrm
Secretkeeper (only have one)
2x Mad Scientist
2x Arcane Intellect
2x Duplicate
Frost Nova
2x Ice Barrier
Ice Block
2x Mirror Entity
Kirin Tor Mage
Echo of Medivh
2x Polymorph
2x Ethereal Arcanist
Kezan Mystic
Gadgetzan Auctioneer

The Echo of Medivh was a recent addition, I saved up Dust to add it. Thinking of dumping the Auctioneer, he helps occasionally but not reliably (but he's great bait.) The Frost Nova is not as much help as I thought either.

Works best when I can bring out the Arcanist early with a Counterspell or Spellbender to deflect takeout spells. Sometimes works as a fatigue deck if I duplicate the Illuminators.

When I lose it's usually because the opponent has been able to keep too many minions in play in the middle of the deck. Thinking of adding a second Flamestrike to help with this, or some silencers.
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