Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Big Omaha

On SwC, the 5-card Omaha variants seem more popular than the 4-card standard version.

Suppose you're up against a flop of 688 and you hold something like 89TQK. How much of a favorite is the made baby boat 68xxx?

The surprising answer: barely at all. You have 12 outs twice, with a 42 card stub. You'll make the bigger boat 1 - 30/42 * 29/41 = about 0.495 of the time.

Of course, Villain might be able to make a low (if you're playing O/8) or hold some of your overcards himself, so your equity is not really 49%. But against something like 668JJ you might even be the favorite. That extra card really makes a difference.
Tags: poker
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