Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Tintri announced our "Series F" funding round, led by Silver Lake. They do a lot of late-stage and private equity investment--- for example, Silver Lake also announced a $1b investment in Motorola today! It's great to get a vote of confidence from a sophisticated investor with deep pockets.

News coverage:

$125m is a lot. If we were a Minnesota-based company, Tintri would have tripled tech venture funding in the state (about $50m total in Q1 of this year.) But Silicon Valley is having a major funding boom, with $9.1 billion estimated in Q2 this year. It's also a smaller round than some of our competitors--- for example, Pure has raised about $530m total, including a series F of $225m.

Congratulations to everybody at Tintri!
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