Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Ambiguity might or might not work in our favor

Tintri is on TechCrunch's "Unicorn Leaderboard" but at the very bottom. We have not disclosed a valuation, ever. (Also, as of this writing, our sector is listed as "healthcare." Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.)

This table is very amusing to me given the sheer number of companies clustered between $1.0b and $1.03b. There are 25 in that range, compared to 11 in the "emerging unicorn" list for the range $800-999m. Some of these funding round values were set to just cross over into "unicorn" range.

On a tangential note, Pure Storage hopes to be valued at up to $3.33b at IPO.

Here I am with my Titan of Technology award:

The crowd gasped when the MCs stated that Tintri hoped to go IPO next year with a valuation over a billion dollars. It was definitely a Dr. Evil moment, but I was never any good with the pinky finger.

The collection of attendees was a little bit odd. Quite a lot of real estate people. Nobody I saw from any of the banks, or from Target, or the major healthcare players, although Thomson Reuters was a sponsor. Tim had to sit next to some headhunters, but also somebody from Public Radio International. Phil Soran (Compellent, Vidku, etc., a winner last year) came up and introduced himself, and I said hi to Sona Mehring (CaringBridge and the Minne* board), who was awarded this year.
Tags: awards, startup
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