Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

No thanks

This sounds like my personal version of hell:

What would you call the immediacy of Instagram; the impulsiveness of Tinder; and the exclusivity of a private Playboy Mansion event – all wrapped up into a new Super App? We call it a helluva lot of fun! Our client is about to fundamentally disrupt the traditional advertising/promotional model for event driven businesses with a crowdsourcing platform that encourages and incentivizes a "who's who" of ideal target participants to join the party.


POSITION: Chief Technology Officer Technology / Vice President Engineering & Product Development. This is a management position. You will be part of the core executive team that includes the CEO. Initially, this will also be an individual contributor position.

And it's in LA. It's really the last line that sells it.
Tags: startup
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