Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Structural problems in "Daredevil"

(The Netflix version.)

1. Severe head trauma and even broken bones can and do kill people. Particularly people who don't get great medical attention because they're criminals in a poor neighborhood.

So, having Daredevil and the Punisher argue about killing is more than a bit deliberately obtuse? Odds are at least one of Daredevil's victims has perished from a blood clot or infection or brain bleeding or some other complication from the initial beating. I don't expect this to come up in the remainder of S2.

I realize this is not unique to Daredevil. ("Arrow" even gave Ray Palmer a potentially fatal blood clot as a result of being shot by an arrow. I don't expect the same concern to ever arise again there either.)

2. Daredevil can fight in the dark. He is shown taking out light sources in order to use this to his advantage. (Bet the residents and landlords love that, in addition to the bloodstains and drywall damage.) But because it's TV, they don't want to just show a completely black screen during a fight scene, so instead there's plenty of ambient light left to see the action. It's just dim, not dark.

Perhaps this could have been handled with some visual convention. (I don't buy "dim lighting" itself as the convention.)

Dim lighting also allows the use of the stunt double.

3. Matt and Foggy are contemporaneous young lawyers, right? They're millennials. They would not make "Top Gun" references. They make other cultural references that are fine for me as a 40-year old, but I cannot believe two 20-somethings would say.

The design in Matt's childhood scenes attempt to look as if he is growing up in an older period than he possibly could. If he's under 30, he was born no later than 1986 and so grew up in the 90's.
Tags: television
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