Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


I don't fucking care what happens to Random Nazi Dude. He can piss off. We don't have to understand or dialogue with him. The media doesn't need to cover him. I don't care if people disrupt his interview. I fully support removing Nazis from your events, schools, organizations, and workplaces.

What I care about is that my Twitter feed is full of people who think political violence should be cheered and encouraged.

You know, just like Trump does. Remember that? From the campaign?

When we talk about "not normalizing Trump" it should mean "not normalizing his worldview." Not setting ourselves up as the mirror image of his fascist supporters.

There are times when it's correct and necessary to kill in defense of others. I'm willing to accept that even violent protest is necessary to correct injustice. Punching somebody whose views you find odious doesn't meet that standard.
Tags: ethics
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