Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Back from Tintri sales kickoff

Tintri has historically held its sales kickoff in the Bay Area to be close to headquaters. This year we went to Las Vegas instead, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I don't like going to Las Vegas; among the reasons is cigarette smoke and the Hard Rock is no exception.

The Hard Rock's theme meant guitars everywhere. Literally propped up on some of the food serving tables.

Tintri's outside speakers this year were a little different. We had a performance by Butterscotch (a beatboxer) and talks by Vancouver social entrepreneur Mark Brand and filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, of "Caine's Arcade" fame. We participated in a Cardboard Challenge where we made games out of cardboard (and other items, like leftover party favors from the previous night.) You can see my team's two-person maze in action here:

Mark Brand made us all promise to leave the world better than we found it. The only other thing I can clearly remember from his speech, unfortunately, is that people keep wanting to show up and cook food for the homeless despite not actually knowing how to cook. I think he also had a few anecdotes about testing one's assumptions, and about not becoming a reality TV star.

Hard Rock has three poker tables which are often empty. They have a nightly 8pm $70 poker tournament that usually doesn't run. But the Tintri federal team showed up en masse so we had a fun time losing to one of the Tintri sales engineers. (A few other tourists showed up as alternates, and one of them chopped with Ronnie.) I busted in fourth after hitting an ace out of position against a set.

Tintri had a good year and there is encouraging news for the year to come. We won a partner award from CDW and they hope to expand their Tintri business, which is potentially very big. I harangued the Central region sales team to make more use of me--- last year I visited Wisconsin and Seattle, and had calls with customers in Chicago and Florida, but didn't meet any Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, or Missouri customers.
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